Suzana Jukić and Mila Međugorac Popovski at the GREEN 2016 conference


The „Natural resources, green technology and sustainable development-GREEN2“ second international conference was held in Zagreb at hotel Panorama and organized by the Croatian Forestry Institute, Faculty of Forestry, Faculty of Food and Biotechnology, European Forest Institute and under the sponsorship of the President of Republic of Croatia.

The purpose of this conference was to gather the academic community, experts and business people and, by using a multidisciplinary approach, highlight the latest achievements in science, to illustrate new policies, demonstrate innovative techniques and present sustainability of natural resources within key areas:  Sustainable ecosystem management, Food as primary source of functional ingredients, Green technology in sustainable production, Biomass for bio economy and Biological differences in ecosystems.

A significant contribution to the value of the conference was given by Agrokor’s Mila Međugorac Popovski, director of quality assurance and Suzana Jukić, project manager in product development, by holding a plenary lecture on the subject of Nutritional quality as part of sustainable food production. 

The lecture was primarily of interest to scientific circles because in a business model that was demonstrated, an actual business area was deeply connected with modern scientific achievements using a blend of science and practical application.