The Agrokor Group and its member companies donate 6 million kunas so far, donations to continue

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In the difficult situation caused by floods in many areas of eastern Croatia, Agrokor and its companies, as responsible members of the community, have been involved from the first day in providing assistance to citizens from areas that experienced a dramatic natural disaster, by using own resources. More than 500 Agrokor employees have been working day and night in the field to help those in most immediate need, as well as our partners and subcontractors whose property was flooded, saving livestock and repairing damages.

Following many inquiries and overall interest, Agrokor wishes to provide full information about our activities thus far and the help provided to those who need it most.

The Agrokor Group has donated goods worth more than 6 million kuna and since the donation process is ongoing, this number will rise significantly. Current donations, that are being distributed by the Red Cross according to demands from devastated locations, include 1 million liters of Jana, more than 10 000 liters of Zvijezda edible oil, as well as 1500 kg of meat from PIK Vrbovec and 5000 kg of Ledo frozen food. Furthermore, Konzum donated 50 pallets of hygiene products, turned approximately 200 of its stores into aid collection points and made several hundred of its trucks available for direct relief supply and will continue to do so as necessary.

As the largest Croatian company, Agrokor and its members will continue providing assistance to citizens of our country who suffered from the floods.