The court instructs the extraordinary trustee on publication of unique tables

On 17 August 2017, the Commercial Court in Zagreb delivered a Decision and a Conclusion instructing the extraordinary trustee to present to the court unique tables of submitted claims applications of creditors, and tables of separate recovery and secured rights. The Decision and the Conclusion were delivered upon a submission from the extraordinary administration which requested the prolongation of the deadline for the publication of the unique tables of confirmed claims in order to include all the companies which have been subjected to the extraordinary administration procedure by different decisions of the court in a total of four decisions. Since the court cannot allow extension of deadlines set by the law, it instructed the extraordinary trustee how to proceed. In order for the extraordinary trustee to deliver the unique tables in accordance with the instruction of the court, the deadline for submitting of the claims application must expire for all the companies, 77 of them, under the extraordinary administration. The final deadline for the creditors who were called to register their claims, according to the 13 July 2017 Decision of the court expires on 11 September, and only after this deadline expires does the 60-days deadline for publication of the unique tables start to run. The extraordinary administration will submit the tables before the deadline set by the law.