The only real success for both individuals and the society is knowledge


Agrokor Group President Ivica Todorić holds lecture at Bedekovčina high school

President of the Agrokor Group Ivica Todorić held a lecture for students in the final year of agricultural technician, florist and gardener occupations at Bedekovčina High School. Alongside forty of them, the school’s Principal, Zlatko Radman, and professors were present, as well as County Prefect Željko Kolar and representatives of the Krapina-Zagorje County and other local authorities. 

“Agrokor and I myself see knowledge as the only real success of an individual and society. Knowledge is something we primarily strive for and promote. This is why I am here today, to tell you this and encourage you because you are our future”, he highlighted, noting that information today is more accessible than ever and that young people must know how to use it.

Ivica Todorić suggested to the school Principal that students should visit Agrokor and see how the Group and its member companies worked and pointed out that he was open to the idea of students having practical education in some of Agrokor’s companies.

“We worked a true miracle for domestic agriculture”, he added and stressed that Agrokor invested HRK 5,2 billion into Croatian agriculture and that Agrokor’s land plots today yielded twice as much as others.

“Agrokor has a EUR 700 million investment potential, and at the moment we have EUR 300 million worth of investments with all the paperwork ready. Should we today initiate investments in for example, Plat hotels, there would be 600 people employed there immediately and once the construction is completed another 600 jobs would be opened, this is the path we must take”, he said. He also announced the upcoming presentation and launch of the new A007 online project.