The „Pride of Konzum“ employees awarded in Croatia

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In 2016, for the eighth year in a row, Konzum Croatia has awarded its best employees, those who are the pride of Konzum.

The employees who receive the “Pride of Konzum“ award are recognized by their peers and managers as individuals who are always prepared to put extra effort at work. We commend these 67 employees from all 10 retail regions in Croatia, who work in stores, warehouses or transport and who are always ready to do more to help their co-workers and customers. Konzum gave all the awarded “Pride of Konzum” employees a gift and, traditionally, organized a lunch for them with their managers.

Pride of Konzum in Croatia for 2016 are:

LDC Split: Jozo Šolić, Transportation department Split, Marin Alebić, Packed food warehous Dugopolje - SP, Joško Kekez, Fresh food warehouse Dugopolje - SI, Tihomir Poljak, Fruit and vegetables warehouse Dugopolje - SH

LDC Zagreb: Ištvan Mađar, Transportation department Osijek, Ivan Mišnić, Transportation department Poreč, Marinko Crnić, Transportation department Rijeka, Joso Blažević, Transportation department Zagreb, Mario Marušić, Warehouse - ZC, Nikola Minić, Dry food assortment warehouse ZR, Vedran Kralj, Dry food assortment warehouse ZR, Mladen Ćorluka, Fresh assortmeng warehouse -ZS, Marijan Karadakić, Fruit warehouse ZH, Miroslav Banek, External transportation service -LDC Zagreb

Central Region: Marina Benković, Konzum P-3234, Ivana Plovanić, Super Konzum P-1320 Požega, Slavica Poslon, Super Konzum P-195 Garešnica, Mirela Ivaković, Super Konzum P-204 Ivanić Grad, Marinela Petrić Paulin, Super Konzum P-916  Slavonski Brod

East Region: Verica Marković, Konzum P-1824, Ljiljana Raič, Maxi Konzum P-905, Andreja Rešetar, Super Konzum P-3298 Osijek, Vesna Rajšić, Super Konzum P-909 Vukovar

South 1 Region: Danijela Dželalija, Konzum P-065, Mateja Vidaković, Konzum P-1601, Katarina Krajpl, Konzum P-536, Marija Karamarko, Maxi Konzum P-3281, Mirjana Čulina, Super Konzum P-271 Zadar

South 2 Region: Stipe Čopac, Konzum P-1725, Cvita Mijić, Konzum P-1733, Mirjana Milanović, Konzum P-756, Kolara Kolarov, Konzum P-784, Simona Ćaran, Konzum P-892, Jasna Marić, Super Konzum P-1735 Kupari, Ante Kerum, Super Konzum P-272 Split, Elvis Kužumilović, Super Konzum P-715 Metković

North Region: Ruža Hrkec, Konzum P-647, Jelica Horvat, Konzum P-648, Ljiljana Vručina, Maxi Konzum P-3255, Nikola Kolenko, Super Konzum P-3250 Varaždin, Dijana Šprajc, Super Konzum P-530 Čakovec

Zagreb Region – small and maxi Konzums: Ana Kurtušić, Konzum P-005, Marijana Horvat, Konzum P-010, Ana Marija Pilinger, Konzum P-014, Martina Dianežević, Konzum P-030, Vesna Ivanović, Konzum P-037, Renata Kovačić, Konzum P-041, Kaja Mandir, Konzum P-228, Mirjana Ilić, Konzum P-604, Marija Lesar, Konzum P-606, Sandra Marinić, Maxi Konzum P-440

Zagreb region - Superkonzum: Dražen Gotal, Super Konzum P-1240 Stenjevec, Snježana Ćorić, Super Konzum P-1270 Gračani, Petra Repinec, Super Konzum P-202 Samobor, Anđelina Kovačević, Super Konzum P-209 Brckovljani, Ana Baron, Super Konzum P-222 Vukovarska, Anđa Fletko, Super Konzum P-277 Špansko, Ana Bedeković, Super Konzum P-3200 Radnička, Jana Šilović, Super Konzum P-445 Dugo Selo

West Region: Aleksandra Knez, Super Konzum P-1510 Crikvenica, Luka Kuprešak, Super Konzum P-1540 Kukuljanovo, Fabijan Rozman, Super Konzum P-206 Krk, Sanja Vujić, Super Konzum P-206 Krk, Laura Mikša, Super Konzum P-3270 Pula, Snježana Ban, Super Konzum P-3271 Rijeka, Jurica Vuknić, Super Konzum P-3272, Marijana Legović, Super Konzum P-626 Poreč