The Prince of Wales enjoyed products from Belje


His Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales completed his tour of Slavonija and Baranya with a visit to Zlatna Greda Eco center, where he was served specialties from Belje’s restaurant Kormoran. Kormoran’s chefs prepared a wide variety of autochthonous spicy and sweet delicacies, including a fish paprikash (stew), beans in a pot, čobanac stew, catfish perkelt, duck under “peka” (iron lid), carp on a wooden fork, saute cabbage with sausage and pork leg, along with homemade pasta, cheese pie and bread.

The main attraction was Baranya kulen, a meat delicacy with protected geographical origin in the entire EU. The prince discussed the fish stew with Kormoran’s chef Ljiljana Bilokapić. The finest Baranya meals accompanied with premium Goldberg graševina wine. In spite of poor weather, the Prince prolonged his stay which proved how much he enjoyed it and how much Baranya has to offer as a beautiful and specific tourist destination.

You can learn more about Belje's tourism acitvities here


(Photo: Ivica Getto)