The synergy of success

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Ljerka Puljić, member of Agrokor's Supervisory Board participated in a panel discussion on the “Synergy of success – how the large (companies) depend on the small and vice versa” organized by the Poslovni dnevnik magazine. The key topic of the discussion was the connection between large and small companies and those participating highlighted that both segments represent equally important components of a healthy economy and that there exists a delicate relationship that makes them mutually dependent. 
Ljerka Puljić said that large companies are aware that entering into a market requires a lot of operating and working capital and because of this many small and medium sized businesses cannot grow larger than being local suppliers. Large companies can help smaller ones to launch new products to the market, but the small companies must be prepared to invest some of their assets into the process as well. “The large ones depend on the small ones and vice versa. When we invest in small and medium sized companies, we give them a market share and we consider them partners, not suppliers.” said Puljić. She also suggested that small businesses should form associations because they gain strength giving an example of fruit and vegetable manufacturers associations in Croatia. When manufacturers organize into associations, big companies can help by sharing knowledge and experiences as well as technology and advice which results in a lot of room for growth for small companies. “When penetrating a market we can help through our retail chain, transport, services,…” she concluded.