Three stores, one family

Hudić privatno 2.jpg

Konzum has three employees who are from the same family. This fact by itself is not very special, but there is one specific detail that makes it more interesting: all three members of this family work as butchers. Slađana Hudić works at Super Konzum Point in Zagreb, Damir Hudić can be found behind the counter of the fresh meat department in Avenue Mall Zagreb, and the son Antonio works at Super Konzum Črnomerec. After work, when they all meet at home, they regularly exchange experiences and give each other advice that help them do a better job.

The entire family started working at Konzum within a month. The first to start working was Antonio and after sharing how satisfied he was with work and often with an interesting stories form his department or the shop to share, his parents decided to apply for a position at Konzum. After they both met the criteria set in the hiring process, all three family members became proud and satisfied Konzum employees. We must emphasize that Slađana is very successful at work and a favorite among colleagues and customers alike, being one of the few females who work as a butcher.