Time for our team


Encouraged by positive experience from last year, Konzum decided to close its stores for several hours and dedicate time to its employees. This was done during three periods in April, when all stores were closed from 12:30 to 15:00h and the employees dedicated this time to team activities. This “Time for our team” was dedicated to strengthen the values of the Konzum Code and to talk about positive changes that happened to our teams in the past year.

This year, all employees from every store chose their Code store hero - an employee who stands out with hers or his values and kindness, readiness for team work and good relationship with colleagues, combined with a personality that attributes the most to team spirit and Konzum’s values. During these events each store’s elected hero was presented with an award.

Apart from socializing in stores, our employees, with  Konzum’s support, organized group get togethers  where they had a great time and further strengthened the bonds within their teams. 

Colleagues from logistics spent their “Time for our team” in numerous sport activities organized in Konzum’s logistics and distribution centers in Zagreb and Dugopolje. Good music and even better barbecue helped create great atmosphere which included competitions in foosball, football, basketball, badminton, rope pulling and card games.

Colleagues from wholesale spent the day playing basketball and football, socializing, and enjoying great barbecue.