Tisak has opened its new logistics and distribution centre in Sveta Nedelja

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TEX logistika –Tisak's new logistics platform and a partner to e-commerce companies with the widest click & collect network in Croatia

Tisak d.d. has made an important step forward in the logistics segment by opening its new and modern logistics distribution centre in Sveta Nedelja. A total of 40,000 m² of warehouse space and 20,000 pallet spaces have enabled Tisak a sound base for implementing and launching its new logistics service entitled - TEX logistika. This is  Tisak's new logistics platform with the widest click & collect network in Croatia aimed at becoming an essential partner to small and medium-sized companies, with particular emphasis on e-commerce. The strength of TEX logistika lies in its own distribution and a large fleet of 650 delivery vehicles that cross 24 million kilometers and deliver more than 136 million shipments a year. TEX logistika will give its partners the opportunity to deliver the parcels to more than 1,000 Tisak kiosks, 50 Paketomats – automated parcel boxes, Super Konzum shops, iNovine kiosks, as well as delivery to the customers’ address.

“Tisak has recently developed into a company specializing in providing comprehensive logistics solutions - from parcel distribution, transport, warehousing logistics to international transport. Tisak is also the leading provider of click & collect service in Croatia. Further on, TEX logistika is the result of business and logistics experience of Tisak as a leading Croatian distributor. Tisak's new step forward in logistics aims at becoming the leading partner to domestic and foreign e-commerce companies in B2C segment while developing C2C and B2B service at the same time.“– said Hrvoje Kraljević, Tisak's Chairman of the Board.

“We are confident that the new TEX logistika service will be recognized by small and medium-sized companies which often have neither resources nor specific knowledge or experience in managing logistics business, as well as by companies wishing to improve the quality of warehouse and transport services without hiring their own additional funds. TEX logistika will develop logistics solutions custom made for every partner, whether it is a start-up or a multinational company and ensure a fast and reliable service allowing an increase in business efficiency and cost reduction.“– said Darko Gašpar, Logistics Division Director at Tisak.

In addition to providing parcel delivery services, TEX logistika offers the possibility of warehouse logistics. In 40.000 m² of own warehouse space, mostly within the new logistics and distribution centre in Sveta Nedelja, TEX logistika  also includes Tisak's regional cross-dock centres. TEX logistika provides warehousing of packaged food products, technical goods, spare parts, collective shipments and the like on more than 20,000 pallet spaces. TEX logistika performs qualitative and quantitative control of goods, optimization of stocks, processing of returns, handling, labelling, tagging and many other operations of “warehousing production“. Due to its widespread network, it provides a quick transshipment and direct delivery of the goods when necessary, in a cost-effective way and reducing the inventory costs to its partners.

Together with the widest click & collect network in Croatia and providing a full service to e-commerce companies, the strength of TEX logistika service lies in its own distribution and a large fleet which in one day actually travels 34 times from the easternmost to the southernmost point of Croatia. A maximum coverage of the territory and the possibility of delivery within 24 hours is also ensured through a developed national distribution network. TEX logistika provides transportation to any destination through its own network on daily basis, including door to door delivery. With a reliable and fast service of internal transport, TEX logistika also provides air, maritime and international road transport service. The emphasis of the service is on quality, speed and flexibility. In accordance with the latest technical standards and a skilled adaptation to the market, Tisak’s new logistics service will focus on creating added value for all partners.