Traminac Gaj 2009 - new wine from Mladina Wine Cellar

Traminac Gaj 2009 - new wine from Mladina Wine CellarSeveral new wines are expected this year from Mladina Wine Cellar, the first of them being from the Gaj Wine Series. This is the supreme-qualityTraminac of the 2009 harvest, bottled in 4120 0.7-liter bottles currently being launched on the market. The wine-growing region Plešivica-Okić is becoming frequently compared with Tuscany, therefore this direction is also taken by the Mladina Wine Cellar that wants to be distinguished as a boutique winery that nurtures top-quality wines. The label on the top-qualityTraminac Gaj 2009 has a recognizable white color with a brown grape twig, in contrast to the green twig on the Gaj Sauvignon label. The name Gaj marks the selection of top-quality wines from Mladina Wine Cellar that originate from the wine-growing location of the same name, where the grapes ripened. Traminac Gaj 2009 is top-quality semi-sweet wine with 16% alcohol. It has a straw-yellow color with green glints. It has an intensively rich, noble aroma with an emphasis of rose and Muscat and yellow, overripe fruit. The wine is thick, creamy and oily, with an extremely strong structure, harmonious. This is a noble wine that one must enjoy while drinking it, because it is enough in itself. It ideally blends with various cakes and pastries and is served cooled at 10 - 12 °C. It is recommended to drink it but also to preserve it.