Two more children's playgrounds opened within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children"

Seven out of a total of seventeen new children's playgrounds opened so far

Two more children's playgrounds opened within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children"Within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children" Mr Milan Bandić, mayor of the city of Zagreb, and Mr Josip Zaher, Konzum Management Board Executive, today officially inaugurated another two new children’s playgrounds, one of which forms a part of the Jabukovac Park in Tuškanac and the other in Brezovica elementary school. Five children’s playgrounds were previously inaugurated, i.e. the one within Super Konzum Črnomerec, the second in the elementary school Luka Sesvete, the third in the elementary school Markuševec, the fourth in the Park Ciglenica in the northern district of Trešnjevka and the fifth children’s playground at Otokar Keršovani Square in Maksimir; now, the districts of Brezovica and Tuškanac have also got their own children’s playgrounds. Today’s openings present a follow-up of the joint project of Konzum and the City of Zagreb "Let's give playgrounds back to children" the aim of which is to provide each of 17 districts of Zagreb with a good children’s playground and a place to play and have fun together. Konzum and Agrokor were initiators and investors in the project "Let's give playgrounds back to children" and the city of Zagreb provided city areas to build children’s playgrounds."Zrinjevac" company, performing all the landscaping and gardening work, also takes part in this project as a supplier of equipment to children’s playgrounds. Next playgrounds are planned to be opened in Folnegovićevo naselje in Ferenščica. The remaining ten districts of Zagreb will have a new and well-equipped children’s playground by the beginning of the new school year.

Two more children's playgrounds opened within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children"The concept of each children's playground within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children" is different according to the specific needs of children, residents and the environment they are located in. The children’s playground in Brezovica elementary school is situated in a district with more than 2 000 children. This playground allows not only schoolchildren but also disabled children to play and be engaged in high-quality leisure pursuits. Apart from several items of fitness equipment and a table for table tennis, which makes sports activities possible, this playground contains several types of swings, multi-purpose combined playing items, merry-go-rounds and a climbing wall, all of which provide children with numerous activities. The concept of the children’s playground in Jabukovac Park in Tuškanac is primarily aimed at meeting the needs of 1-3 and 3 to 12 year old children as well as of disabled children. It is situated in an area with over 5 000 children. A fitness programme has also been put in place on the playground with a view to playing sports and for recreation as well. The part of this playground containing play items is equipped with a standing see-saw, swings with springs, a merry-go-round and swings.

Two more children's playgrounds opened within the action "Let's give playgrounds back to children"New equipment items will render active and diverse play possible to children, offering them a whole series of different activities in safe conditions. The principle of an obligatory safety playing area underlies this playground and the items of equipment, as is the case in every other playground that is a part of the project "Let's give playgrounds back to children". The safety playing area entails a special cushioning mat absorbing any fall or injury to a child, a feature which has been implemented for the first time in Croatia by Konzum in cooperation with Regoč at the playgrounds involved in this project. All equipment items apply the highest standards and norms of safety, quality design and ecology. The Konzum project "Let's give playgrounds back to children" entered its second stage by organizing continuous amusing, cheerful and educational events for both children and parents. For instance, every Saturday Konzum, together with its partners, stages entertaining events for children at some of the playgrounds built within this project to bring the new children’s playgrounds closer to children of the neighbourhood. The third "Happy Saturday" will take place at the children's playground in Ciglenica Park in Trešnjevka(Selska and Zagorska crossing) on Saturday 30 June 2007.