Umag ATP becomes Konzum Croatia Open Umag


At Super Konzum Dankovečka, Josip Grgić, director of marketing at Konzum, and Arlen Brozić, director of corporate affairs at Istraturist, which is part of the Lukšić Group, signed a general sponsorship contract. This contract made the leading Croatian retail chain which is part of the Agrokor Group the main sponsor of the oldest Croatian ATP tournament that is being held for the 26th time this year in Umag from July 17th to 26th and it will be called Konzum Croatia Open Umag. Along with Konzum, the tournament is also supported by other Agrokor companies – Jamnica, PIK Vrbovec, Ledo, Zvijezda and Agrolaguna.

„ATP Umag is one of the most important sports and social events in Croatia that became one of the most popular tournaments of the ATP Series over the years. This tournament is of great significance for promotion of Croatia and Croatian sport in the world; therefore it deserves our attention and support. Konzum is continuously supporting sports in Croatia through clubs, national teams and sporting events, having recognized the value and significance of sports in society. This is why we have been supporting the ATP tournament in Umag for a number of years and this year it is our great honor and pleasure to become general sponsors of this grand sporting event. I am certain that the tournament, with its new owner, will have additional appeal and quality while thrilling tennis fans, domestic and foreign guests of the city of Umag, all while sending beautiful pictures from Croatia to the entire world”, said Josip Grgić, director of marketing at Konzum.

Arlen Brozić, director of corporate affairs at Istraturist stated: “The tradition and importance that the tournament in Umag has for promotion of Croatian tourism globally motivate us to keep developing it. Choosing Konzum as a main sponsor is a continuation of the good cooperation Istraturist has with the Agrokor Group, whose support will help strengthen the Umag tournament. This year’s tournament will provide more attractions for spectators, and I will just highlight Carlos Moya’s exhibition that will bring the “king of Umag” back to the tournament.