Unique Project of Agricultural Production in Belje

"Environmentally friendly" is a new project of Belje referring to the extensive breeding of bullocks on the pasture lands. The project was presented by Mr Ivan Škorić, General Manager of Belje and Mr Krešimir Kuterovac, Executive Director of Agrokor Cattle Production. This unique project of agricultural production was launched by Belje d.d. in co-operation with the Park of Nature of Kopački Rit, on the territory of which a part of agricultural land and farm of Belje is situated. Therefore, the production has been adjusted to the standards of environmental protection.

The main herd of 350 Hereford cows on 350 ha of pasture land are expected to be an experimental model of the production which takes care of environmental protection and preservation of biological balance, being at the same time adjusted to the vegetable and cattle production, representing thus a symbiosis of business activities and environmental protection. At the presentation of the project Mr Krešimir Kuterovac pointed out that this project showed that in the conditions of the intensified care for the environment it was possible to use agricultural resources and create new values from them.