VELPRO and the Association of Family and Small Hotels of Croatia sign Cooperation Agreement


The Agreement shall contribute to stronger presence of quality Croatian products in the hotel industry 

Velpro-Centar d.o.o. today signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Association of Family and Small Hotels of Croatia at the As Hotel in Zelengaj, Zagreb. The Agreement was signed by Dražen Kocijan, President of the Management Board of Velpro-Centar d.o.o. and Šime Klarić, President of the Association of Family and Small Hotels of Croatia. This Agreement provides for an even better mutual cooperation and more competitive operating conditions of family and small hotels. Earlier this year Velpro was spun off from the Konzum d.d. system and became a separate company under the name Velpro-Centar d.o.o., the main focus of its business being on the wholesale and HoReCa segments. Velpro-Centar currently employs more than 1300 people and operates through 24 wholesale centers across Croatia. 250 Velpro vehicles secure quality logistic support to all partners, and more than 800 SKU's of its private labels Rial, Profiline and Profiline Exclusive are intended to cater to the specific needs of the HoReCa industry.   

Since the very beginning of its operations Velpro-Centar has given special care to the HoReCa segment, within the scope of which small and family hotels play a significant role. The partnership has continuously been extended by working together on different projects with a view to providing support, maintaining and improving business, as substantiated also by today's signing of the Cooperation Agreement intended to secure better purchasing and distribution conditions for Croatia's small and family hotels. 

Dražen Kocijan, CEO of Velpro-Centar, pointed out on this occasion: „VELPRO can boast a long-standing successful cooperation with hoteliers and the entire HoReCa segment. VELPRO is the largest supplier to major Croatian hotel chains. With signing this Cooperation Agreement with the Association of Family and Small Hotels of Croatia we want to additionally improve the successful cooperation also in the segment of small family hotels, where VELPRO has already recorded a 15 per cent increase in sales in the first quarter of the current business year. In this context we can announce our new business policy based on which as of early May prices in VELPRO centers shall be reduced by 3-5 per cent, depending on the product category, with the goal to additionally secure the most favorable and most competitive prices on the wholesale market for our partners. At the same time we have introduced to our range completely new assortments intended for hotels and restaurants only, such as fish and special cuts of premium meat products.“

„With a view to securing better purchasing conditions for its members, the Association has signed a partnership agreement with the company Velpro, which is also intended to support the promotion and education of our members. The cooperation of these two national chains, a hotel and a retail chain, shall certainly contribute to a stronger presence of quality Croatian products through our hotels“, said Šime Klarić, President of the Association of Family and Small Hotels.

„Our partners have recognized our focus on the Croatian production, whether it be the the supply of fruit and vegetables, meat or other food, drinks and other assortment or the equipment of hotel facilities. We recently signed a cooperation agreement between VELPRO, Agrofructus and Maistra, based on the concept „from field to table“, which makes it possible for Croatian agricultural produce, fruit and vegetables to be part of the Croatian hotels' and restaurants' offer. This may be one of the best actual examples of connecting green and blue Croatia and tying Croatian products to Croatian tourism. We also offer a broad range of products for equipping hotels, restaurants and cafés. It is important to note that it this authentic gastronomic and oenologic supply which will more and more become an indispensable part of the tourist experience of Croatia for any guest and in that sense the HoReCa channel's focus on purchasing quality, competitive and authentic domestic products will certainly get stronger. It is this very segments which also bears a great competitive advantage of VELPRO as partner to the HoReCa segment, as it offers a wide range with 12,000 SKU's of mostly Croatian production“, Dražen Kocijan added.

Appreciating the domestic know-how and supporting the development of local services in the hotel industry Velpro has been partner to Croatian hotels for a number of years already and this Agreement is another step forward. Velpro has thus once again confirmed its role as strategic partner to both large and small Croatian hotels as well as that the cooperation with them is the best way to support domestic production and the placement of Croatian products into the country's tourism.