VELPRO signed agreements with small trade associations

VELPRO kamioni.jpg

VELPRO and small trade associations in Croatia have a successful cooperation for years, and the support VELPRO provides to them was additionally confirmed by signing a Business Cooperation Agreement with all of their associations.

Since it was founded, wholesaler VELPRO established a successful relationship with small trade associations and this partnership is continuously growing through various projects aiming to support, preserve and improve business results of small traders in Croatia. These projects help small traders reduce operative costs, implement modern retail solutions and know-how as well as increase overall efficiency.

“These agreements are a result of mutual aspirations to improve all aspects of longstanding and successful cooperation between small traders and VELPRO and we expect it to further strengthen domestic production and trade,” said Zoran Mitreski, director of wholesale and distribution in Konzum.

Representatives of the small trade associations pointed out the importance of their cooperation with VELPRO that ensures them long term stability, gives them more opportunities to be competitive, and that they expect the successful cooperation to continue and create some positive trends in traditional retail.

VELPRO offers to its partners over 8.000 products every day in over 90.000 m² of warehouse area, and also has the logistics capacity to quickly deliver shipments to all parts of Croatia. VELPRO owns 23 wholesale centers in Croatia and it can satisfy the needs of its customers all year long with a professional approach and wide assortment of quality goods and services, allowing it to be the best partner for small traders in Croatia.