Vinka and Agrokor on development of cooperation with young farmers


Ten young farmers from the Croatian Association of young farmers (HUMP Agro) discussed with representatives from Vinka and Agrokor about possibilities of developing cooperation and the inclusion of young farmers in development of fruit and vegetables production.

Young farmers who have 50, 100 or even up to 900 hectars of land, introduced their products to both Vinka and Agrokor management. HUMP Agro gathers more than 220 young farmers who put forth the initiative to visit Vinka and look at possibilities for cooperation, especially since in the fruit and vegetables production business it is important that the production location is not too far from the processing facilities because of transportation costs and product quality.

Agrokor recently signed a joint venture agreement with Ardo Group from Belgium based on which Vinka will become the leading factory for production of frozen fruit and vegetables in Eastern Europe.  “The market has significant demand for peas, sweet corn, asparagus, chestnut, cherries, raspberries and blackberries, strawberries etc. Vinka capacities are large and we plan to help all those who wish to join the production, work according to standards that we and our partner require, and produce top quality products”, said Ljerka Puljić, Member of Agrokor Supervisory Board.

Jan Marinac, President  of the HUMP Agro association said that they have learned from the media about the joint venture by Agrokor and Ardo and that there are many young farmers in Croatia who should cooperate with Vinka and supply it with fresh fruits and vegetables.