“Vruća Ljubav” (Hot Love) ice cream by Ledo is the most innovative ice cream in the world

The International Ice Cream Consortium (IICC) has presented Ledo with the Most innovative Ice Cream award in Auckland on November 14th. Sudhir Chavan, the President of IICC, formally presented the award to Davorin Šimunić, Director of Marketing at Ledo who made the following remarks:

“I am extremely proud and happy that the “Vruća Ljubav” ice cream can boast of being the most innovative among many competitors from the entire world. Creativity, quality, top notch technology and a team of Ledo experts deserve the credit for the ice cream Oscar award we are winning every year. Our new product “Vruća Ljubav” is truly a unique blend of vanilla ice cream and of chocolate and sour cherry hot sauce – it is a perfect mix of tastes. With this product we wanted to allow consumers to enjoy ice cream even during the winter.”

The International Ice Cream Consortium was established 23 years ago and it gathers international ice cream producers from the entire world each year at a different location for a formal presentation of awards and a members conference. For third year in a row, the IICC has presented Ledo d.d. from Croatia with the Most Innovative Ice Cream award. Ledo’s King Extra Amadeus won the award in Mexico in 2010 and the Cake on a Stick ice cream won the award in 2011.

The “Vruća Ljubav” ice cream contains four cups of vanilla ice cream and two cups of chocolate and sour cherry hot sauce with pieces of sour cherry. The ice cream is innovative because it combines tastes of cold vanilla and chocolate or sour cherry hot sauce, that need to be heated in an microwave oven.