World Experts present Mladina wines with two silver medals

Amidst fierce international competition at the 14th Vinalies Internationales, the most prestigious wine competition held in Paris, Mladina Graševina 1999 vintage and Traminac 2006 vintage wines each won a silver medal.

World Experts present Mladina wines with two silver medalsTheVinalies Internationales is a competition which gathers over 90 wine experts from all over the world in one place. It is held under the auspices of the French Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, the Ministry of Health, Youth and Sport, the Ministry of Education, the International Union of Oenologists and the International Vine and Wine Organization. This year's edition brought together a total of 3,011 wines representing 36 countries from all over the world. Of the 11 Croatian samples, two Mladina wines won Vinailes d'Argent silver medals. "The Paris competition is one of the most prestigious events of its kind in the world. To win a medal at such a respectable competition is a great honor for every winemaker", said Franjo Francen, Winemaking Project Director at Mladina, with pride in his voice. He added that that the rules of the competition are very rigorous and the judging criteria very high. The panels of judges consist of seven members from different countries and a chairman, who is always from France. The tasting grades are supplemented by written and oral comments on quality. As a result of the competition process, every year a guidebook is published featuring only the 1,000 best wines in the world. Mladina'sGraševina 1999 vintage andTraminac 2006 vintage have found their places in this year's edition of the guidebook.