Zvijezda celebrates 100 years of tradition, quality and excellence


A Croatian production company whose edible oil, margarine and mayonnaise are customer’s first choice, celebrates its first hundred years with an exhibit “100 years of flavor” that will be open in Museum of contemporary art in Zagreb until the end of September

With the opening of the exhibit “100 years of flavor” at the Museum of contemporary art in Zagreb and an event with its business partners, Zvijezda celebrated its first 100 years at the top of food production market in Croatia.

A complete century in which Zvijezda products with their flavor and quality reached nearly every household in Croatia, Zvijezda celebrated with a “time machine” showing important years that have led to the acknowledgement it can be proud of today.

Zvijezda is today, as it was one hundred years ago, a synonym for quality with a traditional signature and its brands, edible oil, margarine and mayonnaise, coming from the heart of a sunflower, are the first choice of Croatian customers, confirmed for many years by research results published by independent agencies.

Alongside the hosts Goran Pajnić, CEO of Zvijezda and Ante Todorić, Deputy President of Agrokor Group, Zvijezda’s celebration of the first 100 successful business years was attended by current and previous employees, business partners, friends and the media.

A production company that bases its values on tradition, excellence and innovation, Zvijezda was founded in Zagreb on September 15th 1916 as “Prva tvornica ulja”. From the very beginning it set standards in its production segment and then moved the boundaries, by introducing the first margarine on the market in 1956 and the first mayonnaise in 1959.

Today, Zvijezda is still the only company that produces mayonnaise and margarine in Croatia, a trend maker and a market leader, even more so when it comes to developing new flavors that successfully keep pace with trends in the world, as well as introducing innovative packaging.

Zvijezda marked 100 years of successful business with new products – Zvijezda mayonnaise with bacon flavor, ready to use tomato based sauce and new Margo spread packaging, while its brands – margarine, mayonnaise and ketchup received Best buy medals and were the first customer choice in Croatia justifying the slogan: “It’s Zvijezda or nothing”.

Zvijezda welcomed the grand jubilee with excellent business results.

“Zvijezda continues to grow in the first six months of this year. The same period showed growth in exports, and new export markets were opened – Romania and Greece in EU, but also Switzerland and Israel.” , said Goran Pajnić, CEO of Zvijezda and announced that the company’s business plans are, as before, aimed at strengthening its competitiveness in domestic market and expanding its business to other markets.

At the celebration ceremony Pajnić especially thanked all previous and current Zvijezda employees, saying that it is their work, knowledge and dedication that contributed to the quality of Zvijezda’s products, enabling them to find their way to almost every household in Croatia for one hundred years.

“We are exceptionally proud that Zvijezda is a member of Agrokor Group since 1993. This is a national production company that can praise its wealthy tradition and business for a 100 years, and there aren’t many companies in Croatia that can say that.”

More than HRK 500 million was invested in Zvijezda since then. Investments were made in technology, knowledge and people, environment protection, energy efficiency and a new logistics center.

“Zvijezda is a fine example how a strong investment and consolidating knowledge of the market, agriculture and industry, create a market leader.”, said Ante Todorić, Deputy President of the Agrokor Group.

The exhibit “One hundred years of flavor” is open to public until the end of September.

  • On 15 September 1916, Prva hrvatska tvornica ulja ("First Croatian Oil Factory") – joint stock company was founded.
  • In 1917, first pumpkin and sunflower seed oil production started on the business premises at Palmotićeva 82 in Zagreb
  • On 31 December 1946, the company was renamed Tvornica ulja Zagreb (TUZ, "Oil Factory Zagreb")
  • In 1956, the production of MARGARINE started on one production line, making today's Zvijezda the first manufacturer of that foodstuff in the country
  • 1959 was the year when the history of one of the strongest Croatian brands began with the production of mayonnaise in tubes
  • 1981 The beginning of the production of new margarine spreads called "MARGO"
  • In 1981, the first salads with vegetables and meat based on mayonnaise were presented to consumers in Yugoslavia.
  • 1993 Zvijezda became a part of the Agrokor group, representing one of the greatest economic operator in Croatia following its modernisation, technological perfection, increased distribution and a carefully designed marketing strategy
  • 1995 Prva hrvatska tvornica ulja was renamed Zvijezda
  • 2001 Six new products were introduced, the Zvijezda virgin olive oil among them 
  • 2005  The production of the Omegol oil and margarine spread began – the first line of Zvijezda's functional products and the first of its kind on the market; rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids.
  • In 2006, on the occasion of Zvijezda's 90th anniversary, the brand logo was changed, including the products yielded from the heart of the sunflower
  • In 2016, Zvijezda celebrated its 100th anniversary with new products that had already found their way to the consumers – the bacon-flavoured Zvijezda mayonnaise and Zvijezda ready-made tomato sauces.
  • 2016  Zvijezda celebrated its 100th anniversary with excellent business results, business expanded to new markets, and a Best Buy award for the best price/quality ratio in the margarine, ketchup and mayonnaise categories.