Donations for education and science

One of key segments of society is the scientific community, which is why Agrokor has supported numerous scientific congresses and symposia, such as the European Strategy Forum, Supply Chain Management Conference, Meeting of the Mayor and Entrepreneurs, Meeting of the Croatian Economic Association and Rexpo and Brown Forums, and continuously supports multiple professional associations and rewards the success and innovativeness of the students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

Agrokor recognizes the value and importance of innovation, so every year the company organises a competition for students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (FER) who are invited to present their technological innovations and new business solutions. Over a course of several months entered projects are reviewed and the authors of the most successful projects are awarded financial rewards and the opportunity to further develop their innovative ideas.

Agrokor also supports and invests in up-and-coming entrepreneurs gathered in the Zagreb Entrepreneurship Incubator (ZIP), thus putting an accent on the application and development of new technologies. Through a mentorship programme future experts are offered access to modern technologies used across the Group, which is how the company facilitates the development of new solutions that could find their place on the market or in The Agrokor Group in the near future.