Environment protection management system

The Agrokor Group based its policies on organized system management according to the principles of sustainable growth and excellence. Environment protection represents a significant segment of management systems integrated in Agrokor and it is a part of every strategic decision and business process. Agrokor has a strict approach to environment and sustainability and it is considered a civilization starting point, alongside social and economic area of activities and responsibly promotes the concept of sustainable development.

We recognize the influence our activities, products and services have on the environment and we monitor them systematically. Our economic growth is inseparably linked with our professional and responsible attitude towards environment protection. Systematic management of environment protection and energy efficiency are focused on two strategic points:

  • to permanently improve environmental value and energy efficiency and

  • to prevent and reduce all types of pollution in immediate, wider and global surroundings

Today, 21 of Agrokor’s companies have integrated environment protection management systems with ISO 14001 international certificates, five companies have integrated energy efficiency management systems and are certified with ISO 50001, while 5 companies have a complementary health and work safety management system and OHSAS 18001 certificates. Professional environment protection has positive results and gives constant improvements that are confirmed by achieving short-term and long-term goals:

  • reducing the negative effects to the environment (reduced waste quantities, reduction in raw material, water and energy source expenditure per production/sales unit)
  • increasing safety as well as the level of knowledge, awareness and responsibility of all employees

Activities of Environment Protection Engineering department

Basic activities of the Agrokor Environment Protection Engineering department are linked to coordinating with legal and other demands regarding environment and nature protection, systematic disposal of non-hazardous and hazardous waste, controlling emissions into water, air and ground, monitoring the use of energy sources, preventing pollution, but also adequately reacting in case of extraordinary events. The development, education and increasing awareness of environmental protection are extremely important, as is the exchange of knowledge within the Group and outside. We develop professional internal and external system controls, develop cooperation with the best partners and suppliers from the environmental protection field. Personal responsibility, individual knowledge and experience of every employee are necessary to preserve the strength of our successful environmental protection chain. We care about the nature and environment systematically – not only within the boundaries of Agrokor’s organizational units, but we also try to influence our customers, interested parties and others with positive examples, in order to achieve the common goal of Protecting and preserving nature and the environment.


Twenty one of Agrokor’s companies in 4 countries: Croatia (12), Serbia (5), Bosnia and Herzegovina (3) and Slovenia (1) have the best known and the most significant environmental protection certificate ISO 14001.