Jana – Water with a Message

Jana “Water with a message” brings smiles to lots of faces since 2013 by fulfilling the goals of big and small associations, non-profit organizations and individuals and with realization of projects that make everyday lives better to many.

Inspirational messages on Jana bottles are not intended only to convey nice thoughts, but also to aid numerous humanitarian projects across Croatia.

On anyone can leave an inspirational message and participate in ongoing humanitarian efforts. 

On its tour of Croatia, Jana has visited many towns and helped numerous organisations and institutions. In the first part the campaign helped Zagreb-based organisations Dječja sreća, Kap za slatke and Zamisli and Split’s MI and Rab’s Kocka organisations achieve their goals and supported their efforts via Facebook. SOS Children’s Village Ladimirevci was helped in furnishing its seventeenth house and Latica Kindergarten in Zadar was helped with the purchase of work equipment. Through the campaign the Psychiatric Institution in Osijek was helped furnish a housing unit for its patients and the campaign also helped the Children’s Home Tić in Rijeka.

In 2014 Jana’s mission was expanded and a call for projects was issued through the web site Entered projects have become eligible for financing in the form of donation, while the final realisation was to depend on online activities. Through joint effort to help the community the brand has become more closely connected with its consumers. All non-profit organisations were invited to submit their projects and earn a chance to realise good deeds in line with the Jana vision: Good Deeds Pay OffFrom thousands of applications 25 projects were selected in 2014.

Donations continued in 2015 after a successful first round of the project was completed. The donation categories that associations could apply their projects were: volunteers, personal growth workshops, ecology awareness and socializers. Among the interesting and valuable project, the ones selected were the ones that the jury considered to have the quality and the vision to fulfill all the criteria:

- voluntary equestrian club Eohippus from Vinkovci and their project “Sailing at the back of a horse” with the donation helped the children with special needs. Horse riding increases joint mobility, reduces muscle spasms and benefits socialization which results in better life quality.

- Stjepan Ilijašević elementary school from Oriovac and their project “Health comes from food” that is focused on educating children of school age on the importance of a healthy diet, contributing to creating a healthy foundation to children’s development

- by caring for the purity and the cleanliness of the environment The Youth association Re-Volt from Delnice gathered donations for “The stream of our youth” project and in this way contributed to nature and natural water sources preservation. They also created an extra space for a pleasant stay in the nature by arranging part of the surroundings

- Rehabilitation center Silver from Zagreb and their project “First steps are most important” were focused on aiding the blind and the weak-sighted individuals and they have contributed to advancing of guide dogs socialization program

Just like in 2014, the second year of humanitarian activities was also highly successful which was recognized by the public and society as a whole, so in 2015, for all four projects more than 1,5 million good drops were gathered.

In 2016 Jana will help to 6 new humanitarian projects

Only love as the guideline, Jana defined four categories for this year’s humanitarian activities: love for children, love for the planet Earth, love for work and love for the elderly and handicapped. More than 190 applications were received and the judges selected, guided by the idea - only love - 6 projects for who Jana will gather drops: Our chance to play, joy and laughter, Web available to everyone, Cleaning and scenery decoration of Bedekovčanska jezera, Corner for the blind and weak-sighted persons in Croatian library in Pleternica, I love my home and Three in the dark. 

Join us in our action for the common good!