Sustainable development

AGROKOR d.d. officially became a HR PSOR member on 14 July 2007 by signing the Agreement on Agrokor's accession to HR PSOR. This is the result of a decision made by Agrokor's Management and its determination to adhere to the guidelines of the Company's Environmental Management Policy, which is based on organised and professional system management in compliance with the principles of sustainable development.

HR PSOR is a non-profit organisation within the private sector promoting sustainable development in the economy. Its members are representatives of the Croatian economy that have contributed their know-how, trail-blazing quality and responsibility in searching for ways to balance business success, social well-being and environmental protection. The principles of the organisation are rooted in the unity of its members, their performance and influence. It provides good examples, encourages the exchange of know-how, experience, social responsibility, openness to the public and environmental efficiency (double efficiency – benefits for the economy as well as for the environment), introduces efficient models as well as procedures, and promotes cooperation with other social groups when addressing issues of sustainable development.

Agrokor is also an active member of other environmental protection organisations and associations, such as the Environmental Protection Association in the Economy within the Croatian Chamber of Economy, EKO-Ozra and GIUPAK. It also closely cooperates with state administration bodies, relevant ministries, and units of local government and self-government in every country where Agrokor's business operations are present.

Sustainability Report

In line with our decision to continuously monitor environmental and social impacts, below you can find Agrokor Group's Sustainability Reports. The reports were prepared according to version 3.0 of the Sustainability Reporting Guidelines within the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). Complying with the principle of comparability, the Report retained its reporting concept used in the first Report and was supplemented with additional indicators.

The Agrokor Group is surely the most complex business group in Croatia which prepares its sustainability report in accordance with the GRI requirements. This is why our report is structured to present consolidated information for the entire group for different economic indicators, labor relations indicators, employee indicators, human rights indicators, community indicators, and product responsibility indicators. We presented our environmental indicators separately for each company to preserve their value and allow for them to be compared against the information provided in the preceding report and business entities in the same agriculture and food sectors.

Our readiness to prepare and publish this type of report is an indicator of our transparency towards the environment where we operate and whose development we affect, providing insight in the corporate values of our companies and the social responsibility that we have accepted. The Report states in detail the companies’ plans for further improvements in the forthcoming reporting period and expresses the readiness to continue to run the future operations in a way as to contribute both to their own economic success and the sustainable development of the community and society in which our various economic activities take place. 

Sustainability report 2014 and 2015

Global Compact Report 2014

Sustainability report 2012 and 2013

Sustainability report 2010 and 2011

Sustainability report 2009