Innovation in the Agrokor Group

Innovations at the Agrokor Group are recognized and supported at all levels of the company. It is our determination to produce healthy, high quality, innovative products while respecting the tradition of our customers and their needs and preferences. 

The innovative approach continuously secures a better flow of knowledge and the utilization of internal and external potentials as well as the implementation of new ideas in the areas of innovative product development, addressing technological issues, increasing efficiency, creating the preconditions to reduce costs and optimize internal processes and in dealing with the challenges of socially responsible business operations in the Group companies. 

We have been working on a large range of brands and products, finding various innovative technological solutions in order to be able to respond to the challenges of competition and conquer new markets. Each of our products is backed by a team of experts – technologists, engineers, nutritionists, designers committed to achieving highest product quality and safety standards with a view to meeting customer needs and winning their trust.

As the regional leader in production, distribution and sales of food, we are aware of our influence on the community and our obligation to help the broader population of customers and consumers in gaining better eating habits. Our approach to developing and improving products is the continuous improvement of their nutritive qualities, while preserving their premium, recognizable taste. The innovativeness of our research&development teams plays a key role in this process.

Innovative shifts are achieved on a stand-alone basis, but also through a number of partnerships and cooperations within the Group, with our suppliers, the academic community, private and public research institutes and companies as well as through an open innovation concept, by way of which we invite the widest community of our stakeholders for cooperation.

Agrokor has also joined the University Innovation Network of the Croatian Innovators' Association and Zagreb University, founded with a view to making sure that knowledge and technologies developed in Croatia contribute to the global competitiveness of the Croatian economy and stimulate regional development. Agrokor has thus become member of a community able to envisage, create and respond to opportunities, with the goal to create new values by way of innovation.

The Agrokor Group has been following the best practise of major global companies in selecting technologies and in the way it manages the knowledge of its employees and has developed several internal innovative knowledge platforms.  

Thus APLAUZ is an internal knowledge platform of the Marketing and Product Development Departments of all Group companies and is as such yet another tool providing everyone with the opportunity to easily present and realize their ideas, for any company or any field of work whatsoever.


piKLUB at PIK Vrbovec is also an internal system aimed at the development of innovation and internal communication channels in order to collect, exchange and develop ideas of all employees at company level, all with a view to improving operating processes and the overall business. The idea of the popular Pikorez, for example, which provides added value to the PIKO brand and serves as cap and cutter in one, originates from the piKLUB. There are also many ideas for new PIK Vrbovec products, the latest one launched on the market being the popular PIK Ćebasa, a gourmet blend of sausage and the local specialty ćevapi, the idea for which was also presented at piKLUB.

The mail of the Group's innovation team,, is open for all suggestions or new product ideas, new tastes, ingredients of packagings or any idea which would improve our operations to the benefit of our customers and the broader community.