The Agrokor Group

Mission, vision and corporate values

The mission of The Agrokor Group is to ensure compliance to the highest quality standards for production and distribution of food and agricultural products and to provide our customers with the best value for money through our retail network by always staying ahead of our competitors and remaining true to the principles of corporate social responsibility.

The vision of The Agrokor Group is to be an internationally relevant company setting new standards of excellence in all areas of activity.

We will accomplish our goals by focusing on sustainable development to drive our growth and staying committed to our corporate values:


We manufacture healthy, innovative quality products for our customers, respecting tradition and customer preferences. 

By using vertical integration from agriculture to manufacture of end products, we offer our customers an extensive range of fresh and healthy domestic products.

We offer professional and friendly service, pleasant shopping atmosphere and reasonable prices in our network of modern and functionally equipped retail stores.


The success of our corporate members is closely related to fruitful partnerships with suppliers and customers. Our common goal is to increase added value in a sustainable manner.


We believe our employees are the foundation of our success. We provide them a safe and stimulating working environment and the opportunity to achieve their professional goals in a corporate culture that recognizes and properly values dedication and commitment.

The environment

We choose energy-efficient technologies to minimize our environmental footprint. 

We put great emphasis on waste management and wastewater treatment, as well as on the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in accordance with our socially responsible business practices.


Our activities in the communities in which we operate facilitate the creation of transparent and stimulating environments. 

We help communities with donations and sponsorships in an effort to support charitable organizations, sporting and cultural events, preservation of cultural heritage, scientific and educational institutions and activities focused on children and youth.



The Agrokor Group comprises members whose activities are governed by the same values and principles that have been driving Agrokor’s growth and development since its beginning. We are aware that our business progress is equally dependent on the wellbeing and development of the community in which we operate as it is on the conservation of the environment. 

The sustainability of our business model is based on the values and principles presented in our Corporate Principles of Social Responsibility, and we have additionally confirmed our commitment by joining the community of companies in the Republic of Croatia that have accepted corporate responsibility as their guiding principle.

Corporate Governance Principles

Corporate Operating Principles