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Agrokor’s total annual income amounts to almost EUR 5.5 billion

Leading market positions based on a diverse portfolio of leading brands and products

Vertically integrated business models supported by local strategic partners

Powerful pro-consumer approach supported by a wide distribution network

State-of-the-art facilities and cost efficiency

An experienced and focused management team

Key strengths

Financial statements

Maintain and strengthen the leading market position in the primary markets

Focus on core business

Maintain a disciplined approach to cash flow and revenue management

Careful expansion into new markets and introducing new products

Future strategy


Issuer Symbol Coupon (%) Maturity Type Currency Issued amount Stock Exchange
Agrokor dd AGROK 9,875 01.05.2019. CALLABLE  EUR 300.000.000 Irish Stock Exchange
Agrokor dd AGROK 8,875 01.02.2020. CALLABLE  USD 300.000.000 Irish Stock Exchange
Agrokor dd AGROK 9,125 01.02.2020.  CALLABLE  EUR 325.000.000 Irish Stock Exchange